How to order?

To order photogravure, photograph or any other print, you select it and add it to your cart. Once you made selection, you can consult the whole of the articles chosen by clicking on  your cart. Then you validate your order and choose your payment.


How to pay?

Paypal is preferred. if you would prefer another kind of payment please email us.As soon as your payment is received, we send you the object according to your choice of shipping.



Which are the guarantees of good delivery?

We propose several types of delivery, from the simple sending to the recommended with insurance. For particular sendings or foreign countries, thank you to contact us.



3: Terms and conditions

We invite you to attentively read the present general conditions of sale.

Preamble: Respect of the intellectual property of the photographs represented on the site
All the copyrights, reproduction right and other rights of
ownership intellectual are reserved.
Any reproduction and/or representation of whatever nature that it is of a photograph represented on the site is constitutive of a counterfeit and opens right to damages.
FRANTIQUES Gallery site is especially elected by the salesmen for conclude the acquisition of the objects presented on the site according to terms' of these general conditions of sale.

The fact of placing order implies your whole and irrevocable adhesion in the present general conditions of sale. You have faculty to safeguard or publish the present general conditions, being specified that the general conditions of sale are likely to undergo modifications. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those published on the site at the date of the order.


Order on line

Any order (while clicking on “validating” on the summary page of the order) is worth full and whole acceptance of the general conditions of sale in force, which prevail on all other conditions, except for those which were expressly accepted by FRANTIQUES Gallery.


Contractual documents

The contract is formed by the following contractual documents by decreasing set of priorities :
- Present general conditions ;
- The purchase order made up of the estimate accepted by you and supplemented by information necessary to your identification (name - first name - addresses postal invoicing and addresses delivery), selected terms of payment and if necessary your banking co-ordinates. It also contains information necessary to your orders: the title of works, their numbers, the price and sales tax, and the delivery fees.


Order taking

Purchase order that you validate constitutes an irrevocable acceptance. Automatic recording of "FRANTIQUES Gallery" site are regarded as being worth proof of the order, its date, the payments, the sale contract occurred between the parts. The filing of the purchase orders and the invoices, of the payment is carried out on a reliable and durable support being able to be produced as proof.


Execution of the order

By validating the order, you pledge irrevocable to accept the delivery of the ordered objects.
The delivery will be able to intervene only once the order validated by yourself and the payment completely carried out. The salesman preserves the property full and whole objects ordered to perfect cashing by "FRANTIQUES Gallery" of all the sums due in accordance with your order.

"FRANTIQUES Gallery" is committed with all implementing for a fast delivery. A time of approximately 10 days is to be envisaged as from the perfect cashing by "FRANTIQUES Gallery" of all the sums due. Constantly, you have the possibility of questioning us on the state of your order. However neither the salesman, nor "FRANTIQUES Gallery" could be held responsible if one or more elements independent of their will blocked the procedure of delivery.
The objects are packed with the greatest care.
In the event of unavailability of an object, whatever the reason you will be informed as soon as possible and your order will be cancelled. You will have then faculty to request the full repayment of the sums paid from


Confirmation by email

The order will be the object pf a confirmation e-mail before the delivery indicating the references and essential characteristics of the objects, the mode of payment, the name, mode and the place of delivery, the price including with and without taxes, the expenses of delivery, The delivery with the address indicated in the order is suspended until the total payment of the order.




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